Amrita Life Settlement Index Provider Information

Life settlement providers are the life blood of the Amrita Life Settlement Index and Amrita Life Settlement Provider Survey. As investors’ buying agents and actual buyers of secondary market life insurance policies, licensed life settlement providers are acutely aware of the demand for life settlements. It is for this reason that the Amrita Life Settlement Provider Survey captures their current activity levels, perspectives and observations. In aggregate, the responses by the many participating life settlement providers demonstratively show the life settlement market direction and trends.

Life Settlement Provider Survey – Important Information

  • The survey is in an electronic format consisting of 7 questions.
  • Survey responses are 100% anonymous. No answers can in any way be linked back to the respondent.
  • No specific information about IRR’s, dollar amounts, case volume or anything else proprietary is ever asked.
  • The surveys are collected between 3rd and 4th week of each month via electronic survey form.

Life Settlement Provider Survey – Why participate?

Providers are NEVER given access to individual responses, however participating providers do have access to the overall, averaged scores for each question. Meaning, life settlement providers don’t know how any other individual provider responded, rather they learn what their group of peers as a whole answered to each question. For example, participating life settlement providers will know:

  • Is the industry average IRR going up, down or staying the same?
  • Is the amount of cases being closed by providers as a whole going up, down or staying the same?
  • Are the buying parameters expanding or contracting?

Knowing the group’s averaged response is valuable insight into the competitive landscape of the life settlement market. This market intelligence is beneficial to any participant that wants greater insight into the competing market forces. Providers who do not participate in the monthly survey will not be given access to any information collected in the monhtly survey. However, the index's overall month over month movement will be made public on a monthly basis.