Insurance Leads

New insurance lead announcement - Amrita Financial has been proud to not only serve consumers with their life settlement needs, but also has a long tradition of working with insurance agents to provide the back office processing for their life settlement cases. In an effort to provide a full suite of back office and support services to agents, Amrita Financial launched LeadWerx, a cutting edge sales lead aggregation platform insurance leads.

As a subsidiary of Amrita Financial, LeadWerx provides real time insurance leads (a.k.a. internet leads) for all types of insurance including life insurance, health insurance, homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, annuities, long term care, disability and others.

The LeadWerx platform is unique and offers many firsts in the insurance lead industry. For example, it employees passive line testing to verify telephone numbers. Meaning, the telephone number is actually tested before the lead is passed along to the insurance agent. LeadWerx is the only one in the industry to take quality control to that level. In addition, the LeadWerx system has several unique integrations with best in class insurance software platforms such as Aplifi's I-Relay.

Internet insurance leads offer an agent the opportunity to quickly and efficiently drive new business. LeadWerx, and its parent company Amrita Financial, are proud to now be able to provide additional new business opportunities as one of its product offerings. We look forward to partnering with new and existing agents to help them grow their businesses in a new way. This is just another way we at Amrita Financial are committed to helping the insurance agent community.

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